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I use Haines LITERALLY every day of the week! If I'm not running comps, I'm finding people to mail to. It's one of the 4-5 most indispensable tools in my business.

- Vena Jones-Cox, Real Estate Goddess

I have utilized the products and services of Haines & Company for YEARS. I'm not sure where I would be right now without the resources the company and its PEOPLE provide. Haines and Company are an integral part of my Success Team!

- Gary Pallini, President of Great Lakes REIA

I would recommend this to anyone involved in the real estate industry who wants access to a system that will help them in their business. We use Haines frequently and have for years. It’s a great database!

- Lila Wohlwend, Clear Sky Realty

… dynamic return on investment and we cannot do it without Haines Criss+Cross. It really rocks.

- Rich Mott, Regional Vice President Cutler Realty

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